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The service we offer is designed solely to make you stand out as a job applicant. Your CV could contain the exact skills and experience that an employer is looking for, but if it is poorly written, uninspiring to look at, or simply not combined with complementary documents such as a tailored cover letter, they will not give it the attention that your talent deserves.
To ensure that you are packaged as the most attractive applicant that you can be, we run through a simple but thorough and effective process which is proven to give fantastic results:
  • We can undertake an initial consultation with you to discuss what we can provide to help you achieve your career aspirations, before providing you with a free, no obligation quote
  • We work with you to extract all of your key skills, competencies and experience, and then design your personally tailored CV package to ensure that it is effective in selling these attributes to prospective employers
  • Once your CV is designed to the highest standard, we work with you to make any last minute additions, changes or suggestions that you have to ensure you are 100% satisfied

This process is specifically designed to allow personalisation and tailoring towards every client’s individual needs. This guarantees that you will not only be well marketed, but that you will have the best chance possible to get the job that you really want.


Our Products

Traditional or Graphic CV

We can provide either a traditional corporate-style CV, or an eye-catching and visually stunning graphic CV depending on the positions you’re looking to apply for.

Either way, they are professionally written, expertly formatted, and created to highlight exactly what makes you the perfect candidate for the job.

Tailored Cover Letter

We use your CV to write a high-end covering letter for you based on your career history and the skills you can offer to a new employer.

This can either be a template which you can personally amend for each job you apply to, or a letter specifically tailored to the organisation you would love to work for.

LinkedIn Profile Design

LinkedIn is one of the most crucial job application tools today, with thousands of companies utilising its vast online network to source potential employees.

We will design and write your personal profile so that it really sells you to these organisations, giving you the maximum exposure possible.

We can also guide you in how to use this invaluable resource.

If you already utilise LinkedIn however, we can review your profile to ensure it’s selling your skills and experience in a professional and intelligent way.

Application Process Coaching

If you’re unsure of how to best find and apply for jobs, we can provide coaching that guides you through the entire application process, ensuring your superb new CV doesn’t go to waste.

The techniques that we teach include:
  • Applying to advertised vacancies through a complex navigation of job boards and recruitment websites
  • Making speculative applications to the organisations that you would love to work for, but that aren’t currently advertising a vacancy, tapping into the huge “hidden” job market
  • Managing recruitment agencies as effectively as possible, ensuring their commitment to helping you
  • Tailoring your approach to each position you apply for so that you stand out from those using generic CVs and cover letters

Interview Technique Coaching

Do your nerves get the better of you when you walk into an interview? We can coach you on how to settle these nerves and sell yourself effectively by:
  • Making sure you know the details of the various kinds of interview used by employers, including chronological interviews, telephone interviews or group assessments
  • Teaching you how to anticipate the questions you will be asked
  • Ensuring you know how to answer these questions in a positive way, even for difficult questions such as “Why did you leave your last employer?”
  • Guiding you through how to research and prepare for each individual interview
  • Providing you with examples of questions you should ask that really grab attention
  • Guaranteeing you know how to successfully close an interview, so that the impression you make is a lasting one

Contact Generation

It can be disheartening if you have a brand new CV, but no one to send it to. To combat this, we can provide you with a full list of contacts for:

Recruitment Agencies
  • Each jobs sector will be mirrored by a selection of good recruitment agencies and consultants
  • We will target these contacts for you, and verify the relevance of each one
Direct Employers
  • You may know the kind of organisations you would like to work for, or you might just know the sector you would like to work in
  • We can target a list of key organisations within your sector and establish who the key decision makers are, so that your CV goes directly to the right person


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