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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with millions of members and is growing rapidly. It’s also one of the most effective job searching and advertising tools around today, with thousands of organisations and recruiters utilising its vast online network to attract and source potential employees.
LinkedIn is a unique job searching tool that allows you to establish your professional profile including a career summary and photograph, as well as highlighting your key skills and experience and the opportunities you are interested in.
We will design and write your profile in such a way as to really sell you and your key skills to ensure you gain the maximum exposure possible. 
Why use LinkedIn?
  • Open yourself up to a network of millions of people around the globe who may be interested in your skills
  • Keep in touch with former colleagues and employers who may not know you are looking for a new role
  • Develop new contacts abroad if you are seeking a new challenge 
  • Companies, recruiters and head-hunters alike all use LinkedIn to source potential new talent
  • If you're not on LinkedIn these employers can't find you
So many of our clients have been successful in sourcing new roles within the UK and overseas just through the effective use of LinkedIn. Many are simply headhunted by recruiters and hence this online version of your CV is becoming more and more vital every day. 



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