Executive Package

A senior or executive CV is a crucial marketing document when applying for positions of this level, as it is your first opportunity to demonstrate to employers your written communication and presentation skills, as well as what you can offer the organisation.

It is for this reason that we offer a range of CVs to fully sell your key skills, competencies and capabilities at an executive level. These can then be used individually or in conjunction with each other to ensure every aspect of your ability is effectively presented, and that your application is intelligently tailored to your desired role.

The CVs we can provide include:

  • A traditional chronological CV that details all the positions you’ve held
  • This CV is built to ensure all of your senior operational and commercial responsibilities are showcased
  • A review of the projects you've been involved with
  • An extensive look at your key achievements at a senior level
  • A robust key skills and competencies section
  • An eye-catching graphic CV that really adds a wow factor and sheen to your marketing package

Executive Client Testimonials

  • I went to Inspired CVs for help in rewriting my CV, and the service they provided was invaluable. It was a revelation to see what can now be done with a CV, with my professional career being written in a concise, focussed and professional manner. My new CV has significantly assisted me in finding the right opportunity for my next career move.

    I have reviewed many CVs in my professional career, and it really is the most important selling tool for professional job seekers looking to secure their next position. I will definitely recommend the Inspired CVs services to any of my colleagues in the future.

    James Clark, PHD, Medical Director
  • I recently had to close my business after 20 years and it became apparent that my CV was out of date and more importantly out of style.

    After some enquires with a friend who had used Inspired CVs, I approached them to provide me with a new Director level CV. I was aware that there were CV templates available online, but I required someone whose knowledge of recruitment would make my CV stand out in this very demanding market place. Inspired CVs provided me several CVs in order to target particular areas of expertise that I have built up through my career.

    They also included vital cover letters to hit key words and phrases that would make my CV stand out. After an intense one to one training session with a consultant, I launched myself on S1 Jobs and various other jobs sites with excellent results, getting several phone calls and contacts.

    I then secured an interview, and after further interview technique coaching, was successful in winning the position. I was so impressed by Inspired CVs that I asked them to provide their services for my PA of 20 years, and she was also successful in obtaining a job. In the hardest job market in 30 years, give yourself the chance to stand out and use Inspired CVs, I cannot recommend them highly enough!

    George McKendrick, Construction Director

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