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All too often people end up stuck in a career they don’t truly enjoy because they are unaware how to effectively market themselves for the role they really want. If you are in this position, then Inspired CVs can help you successfully make a career transition through our wealth of experience in employability and recruitment.

We know exactly what employers are looking for from a potential employee, and so we’ll ensure your CV highlights the transferrable skills and relevant experience for the positions you want to apply for.

Within this package, the aim will be to fully prepare you for every aspect of job application. Whether you last searched for a job 5 or 50 years ago, we’ll make sure you’re ready by supplying not only a top class CV and cover letter, but coaching on how to approach the job application process and successful interview techniques.

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What we offer:

Skills-Based CV & Cover Letter
  • We will work with you to establish where your key skills lie and identify how they can be adapted and transferred into the new markets you're targeting
  • A professional, chronological and in-depth CV that outlines your transferrable skills, expertise, key competencies and USP
  • This CV is tailored to be used with recruitment companies, job adverts and when marketing direct to a business
  • You will need a well-written covering letter that we will train you to use as it needs to be tailored to each role you apply to

Career Change Client Testimonials

  • I left my corporate career 7 years ago to pursue personal interests and achieve a better balance between my work and personal life. However, I found myself looking to re-enter the corporate world after my children entered full time education and I’d sold my successful small business. Having been in a specific industry based primarily in the South East, I quickly found that both my career break and location were viewed with suspicion by potential employers looking at my CV.

    Having spent some time with Inspired CVs identifying personal strengths and specifically the positive personal development I had achieved throughout the last seven years, we soon drew up a list of detailed transferable skills relevant to my targeted industry sectors. Not wishing to relocate, we identified local potential employers, and engineered my CV to highlight appropriate skills and experience for these recruiters.

    I now feel in a strong and confident place to secure the senior post I am looking for and most importantly do not feel “on the back foot” needing to explain my career break. Thanks to all at Inspired CVs!

    Nick, East Scotland
  • I approached Inspired CVs as I had been working as an actress for 9 years and wanted to move back into sales, the area that I had worked in previously. I needed assistance to isolate the transferrable skills I had from my recent career, but the bigger issue was how to promote and sell my old career history to an employer. The team were fabulous as they produced a new chronological CV and cover letter as well as giving me assistance on how to sell myself to employers. They also produced a stunning graphically designed profile for me which has really helped me stand out.

    I was not sure I would be able to make the jump back into sales so quickly after such a long time away, however it has been made easy thanks to the staff at Inspired CVs. Thorough, professional and expert service.

    Dawn, Sales Consultant

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